As the creator of one of the industry’s fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified security suite software, Bitdefender offers unique opportunities for revenue growth and market expansion to our partners.

Bitdefender Sales Partners

The Partner Advantage Network offers four programmatic membership levels to our Sales Partners: Registered, Select, Plus, and Premier, with Premier being the highest level of partnership. Program benefits and requirements increase as Bitdefender partners gain experience in selling and delivering Bitdefender solutions.

Registered Partner: the Bitdefender partnership entry point that allows you to learn more about Bitdefender security solutions and the opportunities they provide. Registered partners have access to free marketing and technical e-newsletters with regularly updated partner program and product information.

Select Partner: the first level of promotion within the Partner Advantage Network recognizes and rewards resellers that invest in sales training and commit to achieving annual revenue goals.

Plus Partner: intended for organizations that have achieved technical certification on Bitdefender products, and are ready to commit to increased annual revenue targets. These partners receive the added support of a Bitdefender partner management team and are eligible to receive leads from Bitdefender’s leads program.

Premier Partner: this highest partnership level is available to partners who have extensive experience selling Bitdefender security solutions.

Partner Advantage Network Membership

With the Partner Advantage Network your company benefits from a relationship with one of the world’s fastest growing antivirus and data security software companies. As a partner, your company gains the marketing, sales and technical resources you need to distinguish yourself to your customers and gain a competitive edge in the data security space.

What will membership in the Partner Advantage Network give me?

We mold the benefits and requirements of the Partner Advantage Network to suit your company’s size, skill set and business goals. Some of the benefits of membership include:

Exclusive access to marketing, sales and technical tools that allow you to approach prospective customers knowledgeably and deliver Bitdefender solutions successfully, all the way from the first conversation to post-sales support.

Visibility to customers and other partners. Bitdefender provides marketing support to its partners, whether it’s a showcase on bitdefender.com or a joint customer success story. Eligible partners can work with a dedicated account manager to develop business plans, set goals, and create activities to generate leads.

Award-winning security solutions to increase your profitability. Bitdefender partners with top distributors, providing immediate electronic access to product inventories and personalized selling assistance to help close deals quickly.

Support for the solutions you sell. Bitdefender offers region-specific support services for our partners.

Moreover, Bitdefender takes extreme pride in its status as a channel-friendly organization. We are committed to the continuous refinement of our programs, and in our investment in our partners. Mutual dedication to our joint success drives benefits for both Bitdefender and its valued members of the Partner Advantage Network.

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Get the Bitdefender Advantage! Join Today!

Joining the Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network is easy. Simply tell us a bit about yourself and enjoy immediate status as a Registered Partner. Your performance as a Bitdefender Partner will automatically qualify you to advance your status, as well as your benefits. It’s that simple!

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